AquaSphere Art & Photography
Presenting an Art and Photo Series
by Marine Artist & Photographer
Jim Wainwright
Order Information

  • Creative Digital Art and Photographic Designs
    • Magazines
    • Articles
    • Periodicals
    • Books
    • Newspapers, etc.
    Contact us for creation quote.
  • All items can be purchased for retail stores, gift shops, dive store outlets and advertising agencies.
  • Art and photography may be purchased in any size from frameable prints and posters to billboards and full scale digital murals. Banners and billboards are reproduced using 13 oz. high quality vinyl. Graphics are created with high resolution photo-realistic printing of 300-400 dpi.
  • We offer a wide variety of graphic services for
    • Banners
    • Prints
    • Billboards
    • Wall Murals
    • Vehicles
    • Sports Events
    • Home
    • Office
  • Pricing for 11"x17" prints is as follows (wholesale pricing):
    • $12.95 each for 1-4 prints ordered
    • $10.95 each for 5-22 prints ordered
    • $7.95 each for 23-49 prints ordered
    • $5.95 each for 50-99 prints ordered
    • $3.95 each for 100+ prints ordered
    *Suggested Retail Price add 25%

All photos and art by Jim Wainwright.

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